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coratdamar's Journal

Corat Damar
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I am Legate Damar of Cardassia.

That is all you need to know.

((As Damar is irritating and stubborn, I will have to give his biography out of character for those who may need a refresher on him.

Damar was a Glinn aboard the Groumall working under Gul Dukat. He made an impression, because Dukat kept Damar with him through the alliance with the Dominion and the capture of Terok Nor. However, when the station was taken back with the help of Dukat's illegitimate daughter Ziyal. For her betrayal, Damar killed her. He had hoped that this would help Dukat, but it instead drove him insane.

Damar took Dukat's place as Legate in the Dominion. He felt intense guilt for what he had done and increasing irritation at the disintegration of Cardassia's power within the Dominion. This (and a previous disposition) caused a debilitating addiction to alcohol. As humiliation after humiliation piled on, Damar began to realize that Cardassia was being destroyed by the Dominion. He turned against the Dominion, helping Ezri Dax and Worf escape from prison and working with a select group of Cardassian soldiers.

As his first act against the Dominion, Damar ordered that cloning facilities on Rondac III be destroyed, assuring that his least favorite Vorta, Weyoun, would never be cloned again.

Damar asked for help from the Federation, and Kira Nerys, Odo, and Elim Garak were sent to help teach the Cardassians how to fight as a resistance instead of as invaders. For his rebellion against the Dominion, his wife and son were killed by the Dominion, despite not being involved in any way. This infuriated Damar, but it also taught him not to romanticize past Cardassian conquests, such as that of Bajor. Garak believed that this was an important step for Damar to become the leader of a new Cardassia. Indeed it was, as it led Damar to kill his old friend, Gul Rusot, when Rusot threatened to kill Kira and got in the way of their mission.

Damar became trapped on Cardassia Prime with Kira and Garak when their ship was destroyed, and they were forced to hide in the basement of Garak's former abode. The three of them did what they could to fight the Dominion on the surface, learning that Damar had become a folk hero of sorts to the Cardassian people. They eventually staged and attack on Dominion Headquarters. Damar was severely injured in the attack but reports of his death were greatly exaggerated. For the sake of this journal, anyway.

800 million Cardassians were killed and the planet left in ruins before the Dominion surrendered.

Oh, and this is a fictional journal for role-playing purposes. Alas, Damar doesn't belong to anyone me, but to his creators. The first name "Corat" comes from A Stitch in Time.

Note: For trek_fic I will be writing Damar post-series as if he had not died. For trek_blog I will be writing him within the series, though I may jump around a bit as far as the timeline goes.))